Gouache -2020

Party of Five- colored ink and brush

Volaré- Sketchbook

Never stick one of these in your ear

Big Brother, Little Brother

Girl with Snake on Table

Mod Prick

Drama Club Yearbook

"Bowler Girl"- Watercolor

"The Gloved Wonder" - Watercolor

"Just Trying to Make Friends"- Ink

 I am ashamed of how often I click on these- Watercolor and Ink

"Faces of Fred 3x3"- Ink and Digital

"Prison Bitch Fred" - Ink and Digital

"Dictator or Spy?"-Ink and Digital

"Air Guitar at the Old Folks' Home"- Watercolor for JOHN LEE HOOKER VS THE BOOGIE CHILLEN animation

"SHORT SCALE and Purple Shoes"- Watercolor and Ink

"Dad Band Guitarist, Wardrobe by GAP"-Watercolor and Ink

"Theme Date"- Gouache

"Blue Boy"- Watercolor and Ink

"Jo Stafford"- Watercolor and Pencil

"The Vandal"- Watercolor and Ink; Test for JOHN LEE HOOKER vs THE BOOGIE CHILLEN animation.

"NEW DAD" - Watercolor

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